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How Can I Place My Ad On The PTA / PTSA Website?

There are three steps that must be completed before your ad can appear as a part of the PTA / PTSA website:

  1. First, you need to make a payment of $100 using the online payment tool that you'll find at the bottom of this web page. This fee will cover having a professional graphics artist work with you to create a great looking ad for your business as well as 30 days of advertising on the website.

  2. Next, you'll be contacted within two days. You'll be asked what you'd like your graphical ad to look like, where you'd like visitors to go if they click on your ad, and about any special promotions that you'd like to use your ad to communicate. Based on this information a sample ad will then be emailed to you for your review.

  3. Finally, if you want any changes to be made to your sample ad, this is the time to request them. Once the ad meets your approval it will be submitted to the PTA ad review committee for one last approval. Once it has their approval, your ad will be immediatly added to the set of rotating ads that are displayed on the PTA / PTSA website. Everytime a customer comes to the website, a new set of ads will be displayed for them. You ad will start to be displayed to your potential customers.

After the first month, if you choose to continue to have your ad displayed on this site you will be charged $50 for each additional month that your ad is displayed on the website.
Please note that any ads on the PTA / PTSA website do not indicate an endorsement of the advertisor by the PTA; however, we are grateful for your spport. The PTA / PTSA are considered to be a 501(c)3 non profit and we are in compliance with the rules regarding donations.

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PTA / PTSA Advertising Policies

  • The PTA / PTSA has modeled what advertising they will accept based on Google AdWord's policies.

  • Prohibited Content: The PTA / PTSA will not accept ads for the following classes of products: Counterfeit goods, Dangerous products or services, Products or services that enable dishonest behavior, Offensive or inappropriate content, Adult-oriented content, Alcoholic beverages, Copyrighted content, Gambling-related content, Healthcare-related content, Political content, Trademark violations.

  • The PTA / PTSA reserves the right to refuse any advertising on the basis of editorial discretion.

  • The PTA / PTSA reserves the right to terminate advertising at any time for any reason.

  • The PTA / PTSA reserves the right to label an ad as “Advertisement” if it cannot be easily distinguished from content.

  • Products and/or services advertised by external organizations on the PTA / PTSA website are in no way endorsed by the PTA / PTSA.

  • Customer supplied artwork must adhere to any and all trademark and copyright laws.

  • Advertiser branding, i.e., logo or name, must appear on all advertising.

  • Advertising is sold on a first come, first served basis.

  • All advertisements that are accepted and incorporated into the PTA / PTSA website are inserted on the representation that the advertiser and the agency are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. The advertiser and/or agency indemnify and hold harmless PTA / PTSA from and against any loss of expense arising out of publishing that advertisement, including, but without limitation, those resulting from claims or suits libel, violation of rights of privacy, plagiarism, and copyright infringement. UHS reserves the right to reject, discontinue, or omit any advertisement or part thereof.

  • Prepayment is required for all advertisements. Advertiser and/or advertiser agency are jointly and severally liable for such monies due and payable to publisher. All advertisement purchases are non-refundable. Advertiser and/or advertising agency may end an advertisement at any time during the contracted date; however, advertiser will not receive any refund for prepaid advertisements that Advertiser and/or advertising agency choose to cancel.

  • THe PTA / PTSA may terminate the agreement at any time. In the event that the Hillsborough PTA / PTSA terminates the agreement, the PTA / PTSA will issue a pro rata refund.

  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing and received 10 business days prior to the date of publication on the PTA / PTSA’s website.

  • Advertiser and/or advertiser agency have read and understand the terms of this agreement, and have the authority to execute the same, and in doing so accept full responsibility for payment of advertising under the terms of this contract and the current rate card.

  • Submitted artwork: File size limit 250x270 – up to 20K file size, GIF or JPG format file.